New Corsa 450 round baler

Fixed chamber baler for 150 cm bales

The version with the 150 cm compression chamber also adapts to the latest family feeling of the Corsa range, introduced with the 420 model.

The new side covers, now in thermoformed material, are robust, practical and allow easy access to the baler case through the gull-wing side openings.

As always, the Corsa fixed chamber baler aims to assist users who have to work in particular conditions, in confined spaces and perhaps on sloping ground, but who do not want to give up versatility.

In these cases, it is important working with a handy machine, able of pressing hay, straw and silage.

The very low power absorption also allows the user to work with small tractors, perfect for mountain work.

The proven catenary and bar dragging system does not reserve any surprises; its reliability and simplicity in case of maintenance are always appreciated features.

The collection is done by the 170 cm pickup or by the 200 cm one (L version) and conveyance by the alternative type feeder.

The ladder, now available as standard, allows easy access to the binding systems, which can be twine, net or both available together.

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