Electric drive system of the distributors, available for the Maxi-5 seeding element

The Smart-Drive system has been developed with the aim to increase the performances of Mascar planters and at the same time simplify control and adjustment operations.

The electric motors replace the mechanical drive chain.

The touch screen monitor allows total management of seeding parameters, the electronic control of the fertilizers and microgranulators.

The rows exclusion allows the real-time monitoring of the sowing quantities. All this at high speed also, where instead a mechanic transmission would have its limits.

Main features:

  • Sowing distance set from the monitor
  • Exclusion of single seeding rows
  • Measuring the average distance of sowing and deviation (- / + %)
  • Total and partial hectares counter
  • Instant speed indicator
  • USB output for saving some works on external support
  • Monitor with CAN / Bus technology
  • Backlit Display 5.7 “
  • 12 volt battery the tractor

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Monitor with touch screen display

The electric motor drives the distributor

Alternator and 12V battery

Available for the following configurations :
Electronic control kit Smart-Drive 6 rows
Electronic control kit Smart-Drive 7 rows
Electronic control kit Smart-Drive 8 rows
Electronic control kit Smart-Drive 9 rows
Electronic control kit Smart-Drive 12 rows