Montana – Montana F


MONTANA is a pneumatic seed drill for cereals, rapeseeds, soybeans, herbs and small seeds.

It is equipped with 4 dosing units for a perfect dosage of seeds quantity and with 4 grain mixer heads for a uniform distribution of seeds on all rows.

Thanks to the oil immersed gearbox with continuous transmission the adjusting of seeds amount will be always accurate and fast.

The large hopper, equipped with a large dimensions strong platform, ensures high autonomy and exceptional accessibility.

MONTANA is available three-point linkage or trailed, in the 400, 450, 500, 600 versions which correspond to sowing widths from 4 up to 6 Mt. The following configurations are available for all versions: only seed (MONTANA), seed and fertilizer (MONTANA F).

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Montana – Montana F

Oil immersed gear box with continuous transmission

26.00-12 wheels

Hydraulic row marker

4 units seed batcher

Suffolk coulters

Simple disc coulters

Double disc coulters

Simple disc quick adjustment

4 grain mixers

Large dimensions strong platform


Coulters centralized adjustment

Trailed version available

Hydraulic closing to 2.55 Mt of road size

Hopper extension 500 Lt

Track eradicator

Sieve (only for seed version)


Hopper extension microgranulator

P.T.O. shaft 1000 RPM

Increased turbine (only for 400-450-500 seed ver.)

Exclusion rows plug

Ballasts for row marker (couple)

Coulters hydraulic adjusting

Mud scraper for single discs

Seed pressing wheel for simple and double disc

Mud scraper for rear wheels

Electronic hectares counter

Sowing sectors selector

Seeding control

Tramline closing 2+2 post emergence

VRT electronic system

Technical characteristicsUMMontana 400Montana 450Montana 500Montana 600
Working widthm4,04,55,06,0
Transport widthm2,552,552,552,55
Rows number32364048
Rows distance12,512,512,512,5
Coulter typesuffolk coulter / simple disc coulter / double disc coulter
Hopper capacity L1100 + 500
P.T.O. shaftRPM540 (1000 opt)
Transmission wheels26.00-12
Elements pressure regulationcentralized with crank / hydraulic (optional)
Hydraulic row markerStandard
Hydraulic fanOptional
VRT (Variable Rate Tramline)Optional
Rear cover seed harrowStandard
Lights kitStandard
Empty weight (suffolk version)kg1.3601.4401.5001.790
Power required(hp/kW)70-80 (52-60)70-80 (52-60)80-90 (60-67)90-110 (67-82)


Mascar Montana

Mascar Montana

Mascar Montana

Mascar Montana