With MAXI-5 continues the evolution of the MAXI element.

The strong structure, the high distributor and the double opening disc grant productivity and precision with all types of seeds used in the various soil surfaces, even with subsidence and crop residues.
Suitable for planting both on a ploughed field and on a ground with minimum preparation only.
It permits to maintain the preset seeding depth.
The transmission by chain is a further warranty of reliability and uniformity of the seeds distribution on the row.

Precision planters drill with variable inter-row distance
The MAXI-5 seeding element can be installed on the variable inter-row frames FLEX-EVO and MULTIFLEX.
These allow the inter-rows hydraulic modulation to obtaining the undisputed advantage sow more crops with a single machine.

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Short or long element

Wide inspection window for the correct regulation of the quantity of seeds

Sowning disc in stainless steel 1,2mm thick, resistant and easy to replace

The DERIN seal gasket and the bearing disk of big dimensions

Bronze selector perfectly fitting the disc

Row cut-off device

Parallelogram element mounted on self-lubricating bushing, robust and resistant

Progressive regulation of the weight, with double spring

Easy regulation lever for compression wheels, width adjustable too

Press seed wheels, variable in dimension and position

Sowing depth adjustment by knob with graduated indicator: very simple and precise

Stainless steel microgranulator



Big capacity hopper with big loading mouth, low loading surface

Fertilizer 2x230 lt

Fertilizer 2x290 lt

Fertilizer 1x725 lt

Fertilizer 1x960 lt


Fixed frame single bar

Single telescopic frame

Double telescopic frame

DT3 frame

Carried fixed frame

Vertical folding frame

Trailed frame

Telescopic frame variable hydraulic row distance FLEX-EVO

Sowing element MAXI-5 narrow gauge wheels

Hydraulic row marker 4 r. row distance 75 cm

Hydraulic row marker 6 r. row distance 75 cm

Hydraulic row marker 8x75 / 12x45

Components for hydraulical row marker frame 2500 mm

Tractor centre

Tractor centre row marker for planter 6 rows at 75 cm

Automatic row marker 4x75 - 6x75

Cast-iron support for row marker disc

Transformation wheels at “V” shape from 1” to 2”

Striped front furrow-opening disc

Front disc opener

Rotary star residual spreader

Farmflex wheel + coverseed

Press seed wheel

Front cover seed

Coulter for arid soil

Quick adjustment ploughshare

Wavy front disc d. 465

Rubber wheel Farmflex + fork

Couple of share furrows for fixed frame or single telescopic

Supplementary spring element

Partition for rape level (per unit)

Partition for steep slopes

60 lt tank "MASCAR"

Sowing discs

“HDS” fertilizer coulter disc

“HDX” fertilizer coulter disc (FLEX-EVO)

Front wheels 5"

Adjustable couple of wheels 5.00/15

Couple of wheels 6.50-80/15

Adjustable couple of wheels 6.50/15

Couple front wheels 20.0”

Couple mud scrapers for wheels

Stones protection for front wheels 2 pieces unit price

Fertilizer pneumatic forrow

Fertilizer 2 rows

Fertilizer 4 rows 750 Lt. inter row 75 cm

Fertilizer 6 rows for double telescopic frame 3000

Fertilizer 8 rows row distance 75 cm

Fertilizer 6 rows for double telescopic frame 2500

Fertilizer auger

Pneumatic fertilizer for outer rows

Blower on external rows for fertilizer (F.6)

Blower air deviation (Api)

Fertilizer hopper extension 1000 Lt. (for 750 Lt.)

Big microgranulator tank with capacity 25 Lt. (each) stain.steel

Double microgranulator (12 Lt.)

Double microgranulator (25 Lt.)

Microgranulator 8 rows 35 Lt. + 12 Lt. (FLEX-EVO)

Hydraulic transmission F.4-6

Hydraulic transmission F.8-12

Hydraulic transmission - foldable frame

Fertilizer transmission continuous gear

P.T.O. 1000 RPM

Electronic hectares counter


Supercontrol 12 rows

Extracontrol 18 rows

Sowing control K8000

Sowing control K12000

Electronic control Smart-Drive with fertilizer and microgranulator


Lights cable extension with seed tank 60 Lt.

Transport trolley for prepared plant. R.8 75cm or R.12 45cm

3 point extension till 6-75

Technical characteristicsUMFixedFlex 6Flex 7Flex 8Simple telescopicDouble telescopicFoldingCarried wide
Working widthm3.,15-5,253,60-6,
n° maize row46867866812
n° sugar beet row6121218
Row distance maizecm70/75/8070/75/8070/75/8045-7545-7545-7570/75/8070/75/8070/75/8070/75/80
Row distance sugar beetcm454545-7545-7545-754545
WhirlP.T.O. 540 rpm/min (standard) – 1000 rpm/min (optional)
Gear box1121111132
Hydraulic row markesstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandard
Fertilizer2×227 L optional2×290 L optional4×227 L optionalstandardstandardstandard2×290 L o 1×960 L optional2×227 L optional4×290 L
Fertilizer big capacity1×750 L1x960L2x960L1×750 L1x960L1×960 L1×960 L2×960 L
Loading augeroptionaloptional
Hectares counteroptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Row exclusionstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandard
Lights kitoptionaloptionaloptionalstandardstandardstandardoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Transport trolleyoptionalstandard
Weight maize planterkg810103017001210146016701090114018003260
Weight sugar beet planterkg99020102230


Multiflex - TF1600

Mascar Maxi

Mascar Flex-Evo

Mascar Maxi