TF1100 – TF1600


High capacity front tanks for fertilizer and seed

High capacity front tanks for fertilizer and seed, equipped with 4 distributors for a perfect quantities distribution, controlled by a volumetric doser.

The tank has been studied in the weights and in the overhangs to guarantee an ideal balancing during the work. The frontal load of the equipment compensates the weight of the seeder: the result is the minimum trampling of the ground.

The shape of the tank and the height of the attachment to the lift have been designed to optimize the operator visibility on board the tractor both in the field during working operations and on road.

Allows easy transformation from fertilizer to seed.

Standard features:

  • 1.100 L (TF1100) and 1.600 L (TF1600) tanks capacity
  • VRT control monitor
  • Detection of working speed by GPS antenna
  • Available with standard hydraulic fan or with hydraulic fan equipped with independent tank
  • Quick adjustment of fertilizer quantity per hectare through the monitor in the tractor cab
  • Integrated Prestart and Prestop system
  • Quick product change: suitable for fertilizers of different size, for small and thick seeds
  • Sowing up to a width of 6 meters
  • Headlights and direction indicators as standard
  • Blower operated by the tractor’s hydraulic distributor
  • Easy platform for quick emptying and cleaning


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TF1100 – TF1600

TF1100 - TF1600

Hydraulic fan


Lighting system

Flexible pipes with protections and brackets

Monitor VRT

Technical dataUMTF1100 TDTF1600 TDTF1100 TITF1600 TI
Tank capacityL1100160011001600
Tractor connection3 point hitch II° cat.
Blower drivedependent by
tractor hydraulic distributor
Distributor operationelectric
Control monitor VRTstandard
Oil cooling radiatoroptionalstandard
Conversion kit from fertilizer to seedoptional
Fertilizer elementsoptional
Parking jacksstandard
Inspection platformstandard
Lights kitstandard
Protruding load panelsoptional
Overall dimensions
Working heightcm151172151172
Empty weight kg695740775820


TF1100 - TF1600

TF1100 - TF1600

TF1100 - TF1600

TF1100 - TF1600

Mascar Multiflex seeder and TF1600 front fertilizer tank