Bale wrapper 2100S


Light and maneuverable, suitable for all types of bales

  • Trailed or carried version with central loading arm for rear loading
  • Light and handy, is suitable for all bales from 120 to 160 cm diameter
  • Loading and discharge by fork with hydraulic control from the tractor
  • Possibility of wrapping also during bale transport
  • Standard with half-automatic centring

The advantages of the central loading arm are:

  • Possibility to load bales up to 1200 kg, also misshapen
  • Suitable for use on slopes, with discharge of the bale without risks of rolling
  • Loading of the bale on slopes, the cradle smoothly and discharges the bales, one near the other, without risks of film damage
Bale wrapper 2100S

Film stretcher 75-50 cm

Aluminium film-stretcher dispenser

Automatic reset of the cutting system

Central loading fork

Adjustable draw bar (model 2100 T)

Electronic rev counter

4th belt

Support 1 reel

2 reel support

Cables 3,5 mt

German towing link DIN 74054

High draw bar

Wheels 26x12-0012

Adjustment for cradle’s speed



Technical dataUM2100S
Connection to the tractorDrawbar or 3 points
Transport widthcm174
Tyres20 – 10 6PR
Bale dimensionsØ (m) min-max1,2 – 1,6
Max. bale weightkg1200
Bale loadingCentral fork
Hydraulic tractor couplings1 single acting + free return
Film reel heightmm500-750
Film cuttingAutomatic
Platform centeringSemi-automatic
Flexible cablesStandard
Tractor pump capacityl/min20
Standard belts number3
Electronic rev-counterStandard
Closed center kitOptional
Vertical bale discharging
Rubber conveyor
Automatic wrapping
Infra-red remote control
Automatic stop when wrapping cycle finishedOptional

Mascar 2100S

Mascar 2100S

Wrapper 2100