Bale wrapper 1200S


Carried baler wrapper with satellite film stretcher in the 3 point hitch version

Machine with double driving rollers that allow also not regular bales wrapping.

Maneuverable and suitable for small spaces and hill working

Particularly handy, suitable for narrow and hardly reachable places. Excellent results also in hilly areas.

It wraps bales of diameter from 100 to 150 cm and with weight up to 1000 kg. Thanks to the closing and opening of the rolls, it grips and releases bales mildly.

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Bale wrapper 1200S

Film stretcher 75-50 cm

Aluminium film-stretcher dispenser

Hydraulic cutting mechanism

Automatic wrapping

Sliding roller

Vertical overturning of the bale

2 reel support

Film stretching at 70%

Technical dataUM1200S
Connection to the tractor3 points linkage
Transport width cm141
Height cm267
Bale dimensionsØ (m) min-max1,0 – 1,5
Max. bale weight kg1000
Bale loading –Rollers enlargements
Hydrulic tractor couplings –1 single acting + free return
Film reel height mm500-750
Film cutting –Hydraulic
Flexible cables –
Tractor pump capacity I/min18
Electronic rev-counter –Standard
Vertical bale dischargingOptional
Automatic wrapping –Standard
Infra-red remote control – –
Automatic stop when wrapping cycle finished –


Mascar 1200S

Mascar 1200S

Mascar 1200S

Mascar 1200S

Wrapper 1200S