MULTIFLEX planter allow hydraulically modulation of the seeding row distance.

In fact, the same machine can be configured to 8 rows with an inter-row of 75 or 80 cm, or to 12 rows with an inter-row of 45 or 50 cm. In both cases, the configurations are easily to set by acting manually on the levers placed between the elements.

MULTIFLEX takes 5.9 Mt during work but it is possible to close all the elements at 3.2 Mt for road transport thanks to the hydraulically liftable ends.

It is already available with mechanical or SMART-DRIVE electrical transmission; this one can be equipped with the ISOBUS and GPS systems that allow a quick and efficient reading of all the working parameters, the use of variable rates and the automatic rows detachment through the specific monitor placed in the tractor cab.

We want to remind you that you can also use the new T&Trac remote assistance and traceability system, developed in a joint venture between Mascar and some other professionals in the sector. You can manage T&Trac easily by downloading the specific app on your smartphone.

Available machine configurations are

8 rows 75-80 cm

12 rows 45-50 cm