Technical features designed for every need and top performance

Its Technical characteristics have been studied in order to fulfill every need granting at the same time top performance joint with a “ New generation” design. These features make of Monster a machine able to face any productivity challenge.

Professionalism, speed and performance

The Mascar Monster series comes up from the experience of who builds roundbalers since many years, designed for the most demanding clients. Quality, high productivity and reliability are the main characteristics of Monster. The variable chamber allows to satisfy any requirement, from a farm to contractor.

Fast and efficient binding

An efficient binding system enables to optimize both time and quality in the work. The bales which are perfectly binded make the loading and storage procedures easier.

Easy and functional operations control and management

The remote control unit fitted with a multi color screen enables the complete control of all the baling and binding operations, keeping anyway reduced dimensions therefore avoiding wastes of space and granting the operator an optimal all-around vision.

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Variable chamber with a system of belts and rolls.

Possibility to choose between soft core and hard core by means of two tensioning harms.

Pick-up fitted with pivoting wheels

Pick-up fitted with pivoting wheels

Research and development with the help of the best technologies (Finite Element Method).

The feeding pick up featuring the technical solutions of the last generation, rotary feeder or cut and unblocking system.

Big size augers

Rotor with cutting system

Rotor without cutting system

Roll crop guard

Bale ejector

Hydraulic or pneumatic brakes

Fake knives kit

Bales balance check

The remote control unit fitted with a multi color screen enables the complete control of all the baling and binding operations, keeping anyway reduced dimensions therefore avoiding wastes of space and granting the operator an optimal all-around vision.

Multi color screen enables

Checking and setting of the bale density from the tractor.

Drop bottom system driven from the tractor cabin.

“AUTOMOTIVE” control unit fitted on the body of the machine.

Centralised greasing

Lubrification automatique des chaînes

Automatic chains lubrication

Net cutting through a guillotine system and electric reset.

Automatic chains lubrication

Technical characteristicsUMMONSTER 770 SmartMONSTER 770 PlusMONSTER-Cut 770 PLUS
Bale dimensionmt1,2x 0.80 a 1.701,2x 0.80 a 1.701,2x 0.80 a 1.70
Bale winding5 belts3 endlees belts3 endlees belts
Rpm from P.T.O.g/min540540540
Cutting system (knives)NR//15 (0 – 7 – 15)
Cutting lengthcm//7
Power requirementsKw(Hp)59(80)59(80)74(100)
Total length pick-up (DIN 11220)cm200200200
Bars tine/each bar4/284/284/28
Tine pitchmm656565
Windguard with rollerStandardStandardStandard
Pivotting pick up wheelsOptionalOptionalOptional
Net bindingStandardStandardStandard
Twine bindingOptionalOptionalOptional
Lights installationStandardStandardStandard
Double twine and/or net binding
Automatic chains lubricationStandardStandardStandard
Centralized greasing system/StandardStandard
Standard tyres15.0/55-1715.0/55-1715.0/55-17
Optional tyres19.0/45-1719.0/45-1719.0/45-17
Drop floorStandardStandardStandard
P.T.O shaftBig angle cardan shaft with shear boltWide angle cam type overload clutchWide angle cam type overload clutch
Electric supply12 V – 30 A12 V – 30 A12 V – 30 A
Electronic controlStandardStandardStandard
Graphic terminalStandardStandardStandard
Hydraulic tractor requirements2xDE2xDE2xDE
Hydraulic brakesOptionalOptionalOptional
Pneumatic brakesOptionalOptionalOptional
Telescopic bale ejectorOptionalOptionalOptional
Bale shape sensorOptionalOptionalOptional
Fix DIN Towing eyeOptionalOptionalOptional
Adjustable height drawbarcmmin 38 – max 110min 38 – max 110min 38 – max 110
Width with tirescm238 (250)238 (250)238 (250)
Empty weightKg312031203300


Monster 770 CUT


Monster 770