Mascar Diavel 630 Multiwrap: Your new partner in the field

Fixed chamber round baler integrated a wrapper.

The Diavel 630 Multiwrap was born combining the Mascar experience in the round balers and in the wrappers fields and it is the ideal machine for harvesting green products.

You can do at the same time the pick-up phase and the wrapper one, halving working times and costs.

The working cycle runs automatically; during the bale harvesting and formation, the rear satellite wrapper makes the winding and the unloading phase of the previously created bale, avoiding this way further contamination due to contact with the ground.

The over-sized 18-roller fixed chamber and the chain and gear system are designed for heavy workload and to guarantee high feed density, reliability, component durability and low maintenance costs.

Directly from the tractor cab, through the user-friendly automotive control terminal, the operator can select the bale pressure level and constantly supervise the work of the round baler.

The bales transfer to the wrapper platform is quick and safe even by working on sloping terrain

The wrapper platform with large rubberized rollers ensures maximum traction on the bale, a regular rotation for correct overlay of the film.

The dual arm wrapping system completes the work process with a uniform and fast distribution of the film on the entire surface of the bale to obtain a perfectly sealed product for the benefit of a superior silage quality.

Diavel 630 Multiwrap

Diavel 630 Multiwrap

Diavel 630 Multiwrap