Sōjidō: way of the cleaning


Sojido (掃除道) in Japanese means “way of the cleaning“: as Tetsuo Toshi e Toshio Chigusa (rispettivamente Presidente e Vicepresidente dell’associazione “Rendiamo pulito il Giappone”) taught us, cleaning the external environment nourishes the soul and increases personal awareness. Sōjidō is, in fact, a concept that embraces every aspect of life, becoming an effective tool for individual, but also collective and social growth.

And what about the workplace? A clean and tidy space promotes concentration and productivity, but “cleaning” is much more than this. Cleaning is also the elimination of the superfluous: similarly, even thecorporate structure can be cleaned by refining its processes and highlighting its essential features.

The theory was followed by practice: the same afternoon many volunteers were able to practice the Sōjidō in the streets of Padua, really coming into contact with the feeling of humility and awareness that can only come from a similar experience.

We say goodbye with a city a little cleaner and ready to realize new projects. We also would like to thank the consulting firm Auxiell and the cultural exchange association Fuji, whose shared with us this fantastic opportunity.