New electronical control TF1100 and TF1600

GPS electric front fertilizer tanks

Designing the new TF1100 and TF1600 front tanks, we thought both to the farmer and to the contractor:

These equipments, which differ in the tank capacity, are easy to configure and precise in distribution and ensure distribution performances up to 450 kg/ha.

They can be used as fertilizer spreaders for precision planters (with 6, 8 or 12 outputs) or as a seed tank for in-line seeders with working width until 6 m.

The tanks of 1.100 L capacity (for the TF1100) and 1.600 L (for the TF1600) have internal walls with an inclination designed to allow the regular fall for each type of product and, thanks to the total welds absence, are also free of internal impediments.

The hopper is compact both in width, ensuring a footprint of 229 cm, as well as in height, always allowing excellent visibility from the tractor cab and, thanks to the access by the platform (standard), the emptying and cleaning operations are really quick.

TF are equipped with standard filter grids that stop any agglomerations of fertilizer that can block the outputs.

There is also a rotary stirrer made of stainless steel, which allows uniform dosages, and spreading.

All the small metal parts (screws, shafts and bearings) which get in contact with the fertilizer are made of stainless steel for extreme durability.

The distribution body is composed of a volumetric distributor divided into four sections, in order to guarantee an exceptional fertilizer distribution homogeneity, since each section serves a specific sowing area.

The dispenser is suitable for various uses, both with fertilizer and seeds of different sizes.

The VRT control monitor is standard for managing the activation, distribution and adjustment of doses with integrated Prestart and Prestop functions; The ISOBUS communication system can however be available as an option.

The possibility of the dose variation allows a more effective distribution with the use of the same quantity of product.

TF1100 and TF1600 are available withstandard hydraulic fan or with hydraulic fan equipped with independent oil tank.

Both models are equipped with retractable support feet, signaling devices, lighting and test kit for dosing.

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